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**Video Transcript ​ Hello, ​ My name is Nyugen E. Smith and welcome to the interactive experience for my Flags for Freedom project completed in June of 2024.  Here you can navigate my pathways of research and process of creating this body of work. The eight flags you’ll explore here were inspired by eight revolts in the Americas and South Africa where the research points to evidence that enslaved Africans and their descendants created and carried flags or banners during their actions.  I’m excited to have collaborated with my uncle Anthony Phillips to co-designed and fabricate all of the flag supports in his Jersey City workshop. His decades of experience in the Blacksmithing tradition was an essential component to this project, spiritually, historically, and generationally speaking.  I’m excited for these works to now begin traveling the world. Thank you for visiting and exploring the interactive experience from my Flags For Freedom project.



Flags for Freedom Ephemera (46)_edited.jpg

A Flag for the Boni Maroons (Suriname)

Flags for Freedom Ephemera (51).jpg

A Flag for the Stono Rebellion (South Carolina)

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