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Bundlehouse: Because after the fracture came something like paradise
Mixed media and found object sculpture on canvas
The work, is a parafiction. It is inspired by actual scientific data that says that the continental plates are moving (continental drift theory) and one day there will be entirely new configurations. I imagine that in the future, the Caribbean plate breaks from the other plates that it its connected to and spins, rises, and surfs on the surface of the ocean, away from the rest of the land masses. Countries that were part of the Caribbean region will no longer be separated by large bodies of water or bureaucracy, only separated by the time it takes to walk or drive or ride a donkey cart from one place to another.  The place where The Caribbean plate finally stops is in the most ideal location. No more threat from extreme weather, still a tropical climate, and the people thrive due to harnessing new and indigenous technologies. It is not free from its own problems, but it can be considered “something like paradise”...
Below are photo and video-based work that are part of this project. Using recent and older footage I created/recorded over the years during my travels for research in the region, I created other work related to the concept as a way to continue the thought process and expand the idea. 
Bundlehouse_ Because after the fracture
Bundlehouse_ Because after the fracture
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